Which Tstat to use?


Which Tstat to use?

Q: I am engineering a retrofit project and trying to see if the FW-08 will fit on this job.
• BACnet MSTP daisy chain
• Pressure dependent – floating actuator
• Single duct – heat/cool
• Which Tstat line do you recommend to use with this?

A: If you need a VAV controller then YOU MUST use FW-8V which comes with pressure pick sensor.

FW series DOES NOT do MSTP server. You cannot hook it up to an existing MSTP bus. It only does BACnet IP server.

If you are having a floating actuator, YOU MUST use a FR-02 to control the actuator.

You have many options for a Tstat. By default the apps support normal 10K sensor and 10K potetentiometer slider for setpoint adjustment.

As for NTRC Tstat, it CAN become a BACnet device to the FW-08V, but there is no way to show the occupancy via the screen. It is just a normal 8 segment LCD display.


Is there a diagram to illustrate all this text?


Here are a few more wall module options for the FW-08.

Easy IO offers the SH-TEHR-NTC10-P, a basic wall module with a hashed potentiometer set-point adjustment that can be scaled in the controller any way you wish. This sensor requires 4 wires to install - 2 for the temperature sensor and 2 for the set-point adjustment.

A step up from that would be something like an ACI TUC-2 Wall Module with a local temperature display and digital set point adjustment. This sensor still requires 2 wires for the temperature sensor and 2 wires for the set point adjustment but additionally power must be supplied to the wall module for the local display. Contact support@controlco.com for installation instructions when using this option with EasyIO. This can be ordered with a humidity sensor as well.

If you want to provide more of an executive user experience for board room or executive office applications the SH-TSX communicating touchscreen may be what you are looking for. This wall module communicates with the FW-08V directly via the onboard BACNet MSTP comm trunk and provides a multitude of information from the space to the controller as well as allows you to send information like fan speed and occupancy back down to the touchscreen interface. This sensor requires 1 BACNet MSTP Comm wire (2 Conductors + Shield) and 1- 2 conductor for power (24 VDC recommended)


For specific application questions please send an email to support@controlco.com!