New Product Release: Announcing: New PENN® A525 Fermentation Tank Controller (LIT-1200986)


Date: February 1, 2019
Announcing: New PENN® A525 Fermentation Tank Controller

From: Building Technologies & Solutions (BT&S)—PENN Controls Group
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Announcing the A525 Fermentation Tank Controller
PENN® Controls announces the release of a new line of advanced electronic fermentation controls. The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller controls fermentation tanks for the processing of wine and other fermented beverages.
Figure 1: A525 Fermentation Tank Controller

Features and benefits
The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller provides multiple benefits to fermentation systems including greater efficiency and easier installation and commissioning processes.

The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller maintains the optimal fermentation environment in a fermentation tank. The controller provides five relays to control the cooling, warming, pump-over, air supply valve, and remote alarm devices. The controller uses a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature within a fermentation tank. The controller includes five types of alarms and three alarm actions. The bright, adjustable LCD displays the status of your fermentation system and provides plain language cues to guide you through the setup and adjustment of the controller.

Complete control
The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller provides complete control of all aspects of the fermentation process, including temperature, pump-over, and air supply control. For example, the variable-frequency drive (VFD) interface manages the pump for the performance of pump-over operations. You can perform the following actions to start and stop a pump-over cycle: press the Pump key on the controller interface, use a user-installed remote switch, or use a BACnet supervisor that connects to the controller on a BACnet network. You can also manually control any of the controller’s five output relays by using the override state.

Continuous monitoring
The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller provides a visual status of tank conditions so that you can easily monitor the system by viewing the icons or pressing the touchpad keys on the UI. The controller features a USB port that you can use to download hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) data and to update the controller’s firmware. BACnet capability means that you can monitor your fermentation system over a BACnet network with a compatible BAS.

Easy set up
The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller saves time and improves efficiency with its easy to set up and use features and functions. The UI features four touchpad icons that provide a visual overview of the system status and settings. The UI also features four touchpad keys to navigate the system, change parameter settings, and respond to system alarms. You can assign a unique name to each controller to identify which fermentation system you are controlling.

Plain language display
The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller includes a user-friendly alphanumeric display and menu structure. This unique hybrid display messaging system tells you exactly what information to program. You do not need to decipher any codes as the controller displays the programming information in plain language. After you program each parameter, the controller automatically saves the selected parameter value and goes to the next parameter.

Customizable alarms
The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller protects your fermenting product with alarms for high-temperature, low-temperature, pump failure, and loss of communication. The controller identifies active alarm conditions in plain language on the UI.

The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller mounts to a flat surface with four screw openings under the front cover. You can order an optional DIN rail mount kit (part no. BKT524-1K) to mount the controller on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. The A525 Fermentation Tank Controller does not include a temperature sensor; you must order the temperature sensor separately. The preferred sensor is the TE-631AP-1 sensor with conduit box. You may also use any of the Johnson Controls 1K ohm nickel TE-631xx-xx sensors included in the TE-6300 Series Temperature Sensors Product Bulletin (LIT-216320).

Ordering information
The following tables provide product code numbers, product descriptions, list prices, and ordering information for the A525 Fermentation Tank Controller. To order a controller and accessories, contact your Johnson Controls or PENN sales representative or authorized distributor.

Table 1: Product code numbers, descriptions, and list price
Product code number Description List price (USD)
A525AETR-0000C Wall mount electronic fermentation tank controller with two sensor inputs and five output relays. $743.94
TE-631AP-1 1K ohm nickel sensor (6 in. bulb) with thermoplastic conduit box and Thermowell holder included. Refer to the TE-6300 Series Temperature Sensors Product Bulletin (LIT-216320) for more information. You can use any TE-631xx-x type temperature sensor with the A525 Fermentation Tank Controller. $105.33
BKT287-1R 305 mm (12 in.) section of 35 mm DIN rail $28.76
BKT524-1K Bracket kit for mounting A525 Fermentation Tank Controller to 35 mm DIN rail. Includes five mounting screws $20.88

The following table lists the technical documentation available for the new A525 Fermentation Tank Controller and the specified temperature sensors.
Table 2: Related documentation
Document Part, LIT, or PUBL number
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller Installation Instructions Part no. 24-07664-03426
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller Quick Reference Card Part no. 24-08809-00154
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller Technical Bulletin LIT-12013007
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller Product Bulletin LIT-12013101
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller Catalog Page LIT-1901095
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller Marketing Brochure PUBL-8832
TE-6300 Series Temperature Sensors Product Bulletin LIT-216320

Release schedule
The following table lists the release schedule for the A525 Fermentation Tank Controller.
Table 3: Release schedule
Item Date
Ordering date Now
Shipping date Now
Sales documentation on QuickLIT Now
Technical documentation on QuickLIT Now


Tim Coyle
Product Manager—PENN Controls Products