FLASH Sheet - FX Field Controller Firmware Update 2018F29 Flash Sheet: LIT-2018F29


Product Flash sheet Re: FX field controller firmware upgrade packages at version

SUBJECT: FX field controller firmware upgrade packages at version
Firmware upgrade package files at version are now available for upgrading the following Facility Explorer® (FX) field equipment controllers that are currently running boot and main code at version 6.2:
• Advanced Application Programmable Controllers (FX-PCAs)
• General Purpose Programmable Controllers (FX-PCGs)
• Expansion Input/Output Modules (FX-PCXs)
• Programmable Variable Air Volume Box Controllers (FX-PCVs)
The firmware upgrade is cumulative, and includes the firmware updates from version
The firmware upgrade fixes the controller issues summarized in the following table.
Table 1: Summary of Resolved Issues
CR Number
The user interface may display stale values when you release an operator override command on a field controller that is running a very large complex N2 control application.
When a ROMUTEC module is powered down for a brief period of time, the field controller that is monitoring the unit is not detecting the module’s offline state. This situation can cause the BOs and AOs of the ROMUTEC module to be in an incorrect state.
Field controllers go offline after you perform a site discovery. Cycling power on the controllers returns the units to normal operation.
When you use MAP 4.2 connected on the SA Bus of a field controller to commission that controller with the Programming and Commissioning Tool (FX-PCT), the commissioning session fails with a communication error.
The CPO Chiller Selector Min On Time needs to allow for longer times (up to 8 hours).
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Firmware Package Location
Download the firmware package files by logging in to the HVAC Navigator web site:
Under FX-Pro Community, go to Software Downloads > FX-PCT Application Files. The file to download is called FX_FieldControllerPackageFiles_6.2.2.6.zip.
Programming and Commissioning Tool (FX-PCT) Version 10.3
Import the firmware package files into FX-PCT 10.3. After the import, the firmware is available in Release Mode 10.2. Upgrade the firmware of any affected field controller that contains main code version 6.2.x.x. Refer to the Instructions below and Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147) for more details.
To import the firmware package files in FX-PCT and upgrade a field controller:

  1. Download the FX_FieldControllerPackageFiles_6.2.2.6.zip package file to your hard drive from the Firmware Package Location provided above.
  2. From the downloaded zip file, extract the contents of the zip file to this location: C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\Field Controller Packages. This is the location where FX-PCT expects package files. If prompted to overwrite existing files, select Yes to all. It is safe to overwrite the older files.
  3. Launch FX-PCT.
  4. From the FX-PCT main window, click Define Hardware. Select Packages tab.
  5. Click Import, and select the zip files for the controllers that you want to update with new firmware. (You unpacked these files in Step 2.)
  6. On the Define Hardware window, click Close.
  7. Upload the application in the controller to FX-PCT before downloading the new boot code and main code.
    IMPORTANT: When you download the main code to the controller, the application code in the controller is deleted. Uploading the application prior to downloading allows you to reinstall it on the field controller.
  8. Download boot code, main code, and the application to the field controller. Refer to the Loading Devices section in the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147) for directions on downloading to a field controller.
  9. Use the Load Summary Screen in the Load Wizard to confirm that the version of boot code and main code (the new firmware version number) is Refer to the Loading Devices section of the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147) for more information.
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    Firmware Update Contents
    The FX_ControllerPackageFiles_6.2.2.6.zip file contains the following files and folders:
    • FX_ControllerPackageFiles_6.2.2.6: folder that contains files required for updating firmware
    • Flash Sheet: FX Field Controller Firmware Upgrade Packages at Version (LIT-2018F029)
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