EC-Net Technical Issue Notifications


Distech Technical Issue Notifications (TINs) pertaining to EC-Net.

  • Java SE 8 End-of-Life Notification
  • Weather Underground Service Changes

Unfortunately, all Niagara-based product providers around the world are affected.

Java SE 8 End-of-Life Notification

EC-Net’s Java Web Applet and Java Web Start application depend on Java SE 8 to operate. Oracle, the developer of Java, has announced the End-of-Life of Java SE 8 and furthermore announced that it will no longer issue free public updates after January 2019.

Although, you will still be able to view your EC-Net system if you have the Java SE 8 JRE installed on the client PC, it is very important that it is kept up to date with all Java security updates.

Read the full Java SE 8 TIN below

Weather Underground Service Changes

Weather Underground (WU) is an International weather service provider that has been available in EC-Net’s WeatherService since AX version 3.7.

WU discontinued their free service on December 31, 2018. If you had signed up for a free WU account to obtain the API key that you used to enable the WU Reports in EC-Net, then your EC-Net system will be impacted by this service change.

While Distech works on a permanent solution to this issue, you can leverage the following temporary API key until the end of January 2019: 597d47e37d74cdde.

Read the full Weather Underground TIN